Drag for beginner – the first steps

Drag Queens are no longer indispensable in the show scene. In the past, they performed in small clubs were only accessible to certain clientele, today they are at home on all the stages of the world. There are world-wide fans, not least through the Reality TV show „RuPaul’s Drag Race“ The opportunity to get off the ground is real. So its no wonder that more and more people are want to know how to bring their inner drag queen to life.


Don‘t be a Drag, just be a Queen

It’s a question of attitude, what kind of Drag is in you. Perhaps you are the discreet beauty, but perhaps also the bitchy Bitch. Anyway, stand by yourself and your drag, feel it and live it out. Since, as usual, is valid: You are exactly right, as well as you are.


Put on some make-up


You’re just as right as you are – just with half a ton make-up on the face. Only then you are really right. No drag is possible without make-up.


The first step in practice is: Learn how to make your make up. You do not have to conjure the perfect eyebrows or the perfect contouring from the beginning. First of all, it is important that you learn the basics. And for that, the viewing of various videos on YouTube and a subsequent visit to the drugstore chain. It is very important in the beginning: it does not have to be the most expensive cosmetics. Drag Queens consume a lot of make-up and build up everything with the time, and it could be a real money-spinner, we suggest.



DIY – as much as you can


As indicated, this passion can become very expensive. Therefore, it is especially important for beginners to learn everything by themselves. For make-up artists, make-up and hair artists, costume designers and tailors cost money. So the better way ist to learn  to make up yourself. So you have more money left for things you can not learn or do. These include, for example, wigs: high-quality wigs do not have to cost the world, but one should not be one of the cheapest ones from the carnival store – especially when the drag queen has a certain attitude. Here you can see a selection of our wigs, which are ideal for both beginners and advanced.

Is make-up and hairstyle Ok – you can start finding the right look. Do you feel your inner drag? Who is your drag? Look for a suitable name and imagine some outfits in which she will feel comfortable.


Breasts. You need breasts!

dein Decollete


No matter how great the outfit of your drag may be – so completely without breasts it looks quite androgyn or well, the beer belly also distracts from the rest … in any case, an outline can already cover a lot, because who is still looking at the Belly. This is what our in-house transwonder offers, which has helped many a queen to feel even more royal. We do not want to deprive you of our favorite models!


Cover your breasts!


Not too much, but only in the Transwonder you can not synonymous to the street or stage. Now, a matching outfit  needs to be done. Just have a look at the women’s department or do it directly online – depending on how secure you are with the sizes. Advanced, or brave beginners, will sew and sew their outfits themselves. Not only saves a lot of money, but is also always individual and the sentence: „I just can not find what I’m looking for!“ No longer exists ,

And if you have followed these steps, you must be very close to the image of a drag. Except, you have not shaved, because in this guide nothing about Bartrasur stands – then you should perhaps take this blog post again to mind.



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